• Bright Aluminum Coils

  • $17.50 $25.00

  • Description

    Save yourself some time. Ready to cut coils!

    Four popular sizes to choose from, one flat rate price. Shiny Bright aluminum with minimal oxidation and a decent temper, making for some very strong rings. Alloy 5356. Sold by the pound.

    Sorry, no international shipping through website. Email for details and we will give you a custom quote.

    Up to two pounds of coils can ship with your Ringinator EZ for no extra shipping costs (international included).

    Size Rings per pound (approx.) Price
    16ga 5/16" ID ~3100 $25
    16ga 1/4" ID ~3700 $25
     18g 3/16" ID ~8200 $25
    18g 5/32" ID ~9600 $25

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